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Serving practice today - 'isolating' the arms (pun intended!) & some continuing self-reflection

Good morning everyone,

I hope you're ready for another 'stay at home' week.  Hopefully you've been able to develop a little bit of a routine now with some school-work, exercise, and perhaps you can give 15 minutes of your day to developing the co-ordination of your arms on your SERVE today?

If so, check out this quick video:

Develop your forehand and backhand 'body-work' today and few reflective questions to consider...

Hi to all 'Everyballers' out there and hope that you are coping well?  Here in Northchurch, Hertfordshire the sun has just come out and the dog is pestering for a walk!  Thankful for small pleasures in this crazy of craziest times.

Try the Koala challenge today.....

A break from tennis today and a bit of core strength, stability, balance, agility work (actually more like a few good laughs!) in the Koala challenge!

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'The thing we call success' and some throwing for your 'stay at home practice' today

Hi everyone,

Going through some old stuff yesterday I came across this poem given to me by my coach over 35 years ago as a teenager in Tucson, Arizona.  Think it's pretty apt for our current times...

The Thing we call Success

Success is speaking words of praise, 

In cheering other people's ways,

In doing the best you can,

With every task and every plan.

It's silence when your speech would hurt,

Politeness when your neighbour's curt,

It's deafness when the scandal flows,

And sympathy with other's woes.

'Contrasting skills' is a key principle in skill acquisition - try this 'slice-top-slice-top' exercise today

'Slice-top-slice-top' - contrasting racket path, angle of racket face, and grips, can you keep a rally going against the wall with one slice then one topspin shot.  How many in a row?

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Work on your rally skills today beginning with a 'self-rally'

For our Mini Tennis players but creative adaptions can be made of course for all levels.  A 'self-rally' using legs to 'lift' the ball to just above head height keeping racket face flat and wrist stable.  Progress from forehand to backhand and then alternating.

Another day of glorious sunshine - let's try and enjoy what's been given to us to enjoy in a responsible way!


It's a little work on the serve today....

Hi folks,

Stay as active and positive as you can and enjoy what you can of this lovely weather! (whilst not ignoring school work!)

Today's DIY at home drill on the half-volley

Hi everyone,

No better time to be living out our Everyball 4 R's:

Respect government advice and take Responsibility for social distancing.

Respect each other in the home and take responsibility for your own behaviours and emotions.

Be ready to 'bounce forward' with Resilience into a new future and Reflect on how we can do things just a little differently.

Improve your backhand slice at home with these simple tips

Hello all and a happy mother's day to you in these trying times...

Here's a few tips on improving your backhand slice at home.   Racket, ball, wall an a bit of will and patience and you'll have it down soon enough! 

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Everyball Tennis at Halton Tennis Centre - Corona update Thursday 19th March

Dear Parents/Everyball Tennis @ Halton Tennis Centre customers,

In light of yesterday's news and upcoming school closures I would like to update you on our short-term plans for our coaching programme at Halton.


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Everyball Tennis,,,
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Tel: +44 (0)1296 623453

Welfare and Safeguarding

If you have any concerns regarding your or another's welfare or safety at Halton, please contact, in confidence, our Club Welfare Officer – Tom Mayer: 07771 701629 / or via the club office.

Documents and policies:

The Halton Child Protection, Vulnerable young adults, Bullying and Whistle blowing policies, as well as Diversity and Inclusion policies are published on the Halton website and copies are available from the office.

Data protection and Privacy

Information and policies relating to privacy, cookies, and data protection are listed here.

The Halton Tennis Centre data protection policy is posted here (pdf download).

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